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Provide full inspection to garage door cables

The cables connect the garage door spring to the bottom of the door. You have to inspect them for fraying, wear and tear, and different types of damage like cuts. The technicians at our garage door repair company in Argyle recommend the immediate replacement of cables which are greatly worn-out, frayed, or damaged.

Run a test on the safety sensors regularly

For this, you will need a broom stick or another long and fairly thin object. Stand outside of the garage with the broom in your hand and let the garage door open fully. Then press the button to initiate the closing process. While the door travels down, wave the broom between the sensors. The door must reverse immediately.

Finding out if the spring is well-balanced

There's a way to discover whether the spring is balanced or not. Release the operator, open the door halfway through (manually) and let go of it. Slight drifting may occur, but if the door wants to open or close on its own, you have to have it checked by a professional. Our skilled contractors help you with this in the fastest and most affordable way possible!

The right lubrication for a wooden door

Wooden doors are really great precisely since they are much more versatile than other types of door. Once a year, you should lubricate all the working parts. We recommend using a silicone spray lubricant because it works the best. Avoid using WD40 or similar products because they can attract dirt towards the areas you are trying to lubricate.

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