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Should I install garage door windows?

Windows look fantastic on garage doors. In fact, there are many designs and styles but Garage Door Repair Argyle insists that they must not be installed at the bottom parts of the door for security reasons. In addition, aluminum frames are preferable for greater resistance and double safety glass panels for better insulation and protection.

What is the backroom?

The backroom signifies the distance from the garage door opening till the back wall of the garage or any other obstruction. It must be measured with accuracy if you plan to get an overhead door, which must open all the way. There should be plenty of space in the backroom for the door to open properly.

Which parts of the garage door opener require lubrication?

The sections where the trolley gets into contact with the rail should be lubricated so that the friction is reduced. This is applicable to chain, screw and belt drive openers. The drive of the first two should be lubricated also. Whether you have a metal chain or rod, you should apply small amounts of lubricant at equal intervals along it.

Does my garage door require maintenance (even if I don’t use it regularly)?

No matter how much you use your garage door, the answer is yes. Your property requires periodic maintenance and safety tests to ensure that it functions smoothly. Even if you don’t use it regularly, chances are that dust particles and bug infestation will mess up the inner parts of openers and motors, which will in turn force you to call a professional. But, why not prevent these problems before they occur?

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