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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

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I almost tossed my opener

When you're ignorant (like me) about technical matters related to the biggest door in the house, you're bound to make mistakes. One day I just decided to toss my current garage door opener with the excuse that it was kind of noisy and the door wouldn't move fast. At the last minute, I decided to ask the advice of Garage Door Repair Argyle before throwing it out. The technicians checked it out and advised me to keep it. They just had to adjust the force limit so that the overhead door would move faster and maintained the system. It worked perfectly and I truly thank them.

My overhead door was rejuvenated

If you would see my overhead door before the maintenance of Garage Door Repair Argyle, you wouldn't recognize it. It looked tired, slow, and abandoned at 9 in the morning and by midday, it was truly rejuvenated. I hadn't called these guys for maintenance for a long time and realized I must start calling more often. They actually transformed the door with their service. They didn't need to replace my garage door parts rather by simply repairing, lubricating, and tightening; they managed to tune it up. Excellent work!

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